Privacy policy

This privacy policy in respect to any personal data (hereafter - Privacy policy) is applicable to any information which is located on the website, can be collected regarding the User in the process of browsing through the Website, using programs and products.

1. Defining terminology

1.1 The present Privacy policy employs such terms as:

1.1.1. "Website administration (hereafter - Website administration)" - authorized website management personnel who act as representatives of the limited liability company "Central tendering company", which organizes and (or) processes personal data, as well as defines the reason to process personal data, the amount of personal data that needs processing, actions (procedures) that need to be taken in respect to personal data.

1.1.2. "Personal data" - any information that refers directly or indirectly to a defined or definable natural person (subject of personal data).

1.1.3. "Processing of personal data" - any action (operation) or a combination of actions (operations) with the personal data, with or without means of automation, including gathering, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, correction (update, change), extraction, use, transfer (distribution, provision, access), depersonalization, blocking, deleting, erasing personal data.

1.1.4. "Personal data privacy" - mandatory obligation of the Website administration or any other person who has gained access to personal data to prevent distribution of that data without the consent of the subject of personal data or without any other legal basis.

1.1.5. "Website user (hereafter User)" - person with access to the Website by means of Internet and who uses the Website.

1.1.6. "Cookies" - short fragments of data, sent by the web server and stored on the user's computer, which is every time redirected by the web-client or web-browser to the web-server as an HTTP-request in an attempt to open a web page of the corresponding website.

1.1.7. "IP address" - unique net address of a unit inside a computer network, built with the IP protocol.


2.1. By using the website User agrees to the present Privacy policy and conditions of User's personal data processing.

2.2. In cases when User does not agree to the conditions of the Privacy policy, he should stop using the website.

2.3. The present Privacy policy is only applicable to the website This website does not control and is not responsible for the third-parties websites which can be accessed by User via any links on this website.

2.4. Website administration does not verify the authenticity of personal data provided by the Website user.


3.1. The present Privacy policy obliges the Website administration to keep private and protect from exposure the personal data, which is provided by the User at the request of the Website administration or other data obtained through feedback, registration process or ordering some service.

3.2. The personal data which can be processed under the regulation of this Privacy policy is provided by User through any forms of feedback on the Website, and may include the following information:

3.2.1. User's surname, first name, patronymic name;

3.2.2. User's phone number;

3.2.3. User's email address;


4.1. User’s personal data collected by the Website administration can be used in order to:

4.1.1. Establish a feedback connection with the User, which includes sending notifications, requests regarding navigation on Website, provided services, processing requests and inquiries from the User.

4.1.2. Check User’s geolocation for security measures and fraud prevention.

4.1.3. Verify authenticity and amount of personal data provided by the User.

4.1.4. Provide the User with an efficient client and technical support, should there be any issues during navigating through the Website.


5.1. Processing of User’s personal data is not limited in time, conducted with the help of any legal means, including information systems of personal data with or without means of automation.

5.2. User agrees that Website administration has the right to share personal data with third parties, including courier services, postal services, mobile network operators in the scope necessary to fulfill User’s order placed on the Website

5.3. User’s personal data can be shared with law enforcement agencies of the Russian Federation only on legal grounds and in compliance with the procedures established by the Federal Laws.

5.4. In cases of loss or disclosure of personal data the Website administration informs the User about that loss or disclosure of personal data.

5.5. Website administration can take necessary organization and technical measures to protect User’s personal data from any illegal or accidental access, deletion, modification, blocking, copying, distribution, as well as other illegal actions of any third parties.

5.6. Website administration together with User is taking all steps necessary to prevent any material losses or other negative consequences due to loss or disclosure of User’s personal data.


6.1. User is obliged to:

6.1.1. Provide information on personal data that is required to use the Website.

6.1.2. Update or complete provided information on personal data in cases when the data is changed.

6.2. Website administration is obliged to:

6.2.1. Use received information only for the purposes specified in article 4 of the present Privacy policy.

6.2.2. Provide safe storage of personal data, do not disclose it without prior written consent from the User, and prevent trading, exchange, publication or public disclosure with any other possible means of personal data provided by the User, excluding articles 5.2 and 5.3 of the present Privacy policy.

6.2.3. Apply safety measures to protect confidentiality of User’s personal data in compliance with regular norms applicable for information protection and accepted inside business media.

6.2.4. In cases when invalid personal data or any inappropriate actions are detected, block the personal data of the respective User, starting from the moment of inquiry or request from the User himself or from his legal representative, or an authorized agency to protect the rights of personal data subjects for the time needed to conduct the inspection.


7.1. Website administration, if failed to perform its obligations, is held responsible for the material damages suffered by the User due to illegal use of personal data, according to laws of the Russian Federation, except for the cases described in articles 5.2., 5.3. and 7.2. in the present Privacy policy.

7.2. In cases when Confidential information is lost or made open to the public, Website administration cannot be held responsible if that confidential information:

7.2.1. Has become open to the public before its loss or disclosure.

7.2.2. Has been received from some third parties before it was received from the Website administration.

7.2.3. Has been made public with User’s consent.


8.1. Before filing a lawsuit to court in response to a conflict that arises between User and Website administration, a prior written claim is mandatory (a written offer of voluntary settlement).

8.2. Recipient of the claim, during the period of 30 calendar days from the date that claim was received, should inform the claimant about the decision on his claim.

8.3. In cases when a voluntary settlement cannot be achieved, the conflict should be passed on to the court in compliance with the laws of the Russian Federation.

8.4. The present Privacy policy and relations between User and Website administration are subject to acting laws of the Russian Federation.


9.1. Website administration has the right to make changes to the present Privacy policy without User’s consent.

9.2. New Privacy policy takes legal force as soon as it is published on the Website, if not specified otherwise in the new edition of the Privacy policy.

9.3. Any suggestions or questions regarding the present Privacy policy should be directed to the following email address

9.4. Acting privacy policy is published on the website

Updated 18 October 2018.