Furniture care: tips from Arbuzov Studio


We often give instructions to our customers how to take care of the furniture they buy from us and answer the following questions: “How can we keep the initial look of a wooden bed? What is the method of cleaning an upholstered bed?”

So, we will answer your questions in this article and sincerely hope that our answers will help you to extend the life time of beds, tables, cabinets and other items.

We directly state that the more carefully you treat the furniture, the longer you will use it and be pleased with its beauty and comfort.


• Remove dust from the surface with a dry soft cloth or a special whisk. We don’t recommend using scrapers and sponges, for they will surely make small scratches.

• Wipe the surface with antistatic agents twice a week. Choose quality products that don’t leave stains and unpleasant smell.

• Remove dirt with soapy water. There are special wipes for furniture in this case, but we recommend wiping the surface dry after their application.

• Do not use cleaning products that contain chlorine, chemicals, solvents, soda.

• Eliminate high humidity and don’t place furniture close to radiators and heaters. If you have warm floors, then buy furniture with legs.


This kind of furniture care requires a lot of effort; natural materials are very demanding. The main thing is not to put such furniture close to radiators and not clean it with aggressive agents. Cleaning with a soft cloth and delicate detergents, polishes, waxes, and mastics is acceptable.


It is necessary to wipe the varnished surface with a dry felt or flannel cloth. And the best way to remove traces of fingers and drops is water with a small amount of ammonia (6/1 ratio).


This kind of furniture care is simple; all you need is to rub the mirror surfaces and glass to shine with a special microfiber cloth. Here’s a life hack: taking care must be regular! If there is dirt on the glass table, then soak it first and only after that wipe.

Caring for soft beds

You should pay attention to 3 elements: mechanism, upholstery, and frame.

Put your attention to the mechanism only if it starts to creak. We strongly recommend to lubricate it with special oil to extend its service life. If you buy a soft bed, avoid placing it close to radiators, heating devices and in the rooms with high humidity.

Make sure that direct sunlight doesn’t falls on the upholstery of the bed: this will cause the fabric to burn out and it will become dull with faded colors. Upholstery can be wiped with a damp cloth. Use detergents with care to remove. Avoid alcohol-containing products as well as bleaches. Stains can be removed with washing powders, napkins or flannel rags, moving from the edge to the center.

Here’s a life hack: before applying a detergent to the textile fabric, apply it to a small hidden patch of the bed upholstery. If the detergent doesn’t deteriorate the patch of upholstery, then you can apply it to the stained area.

Every item of furniture will serve for many years under the appropriate care. Proper furniture care is the essential condition to maintain the quality and beauty of your furniture!

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