Tips for leather upholstered furniture care


Leather is very demanding and peculiar when you clean it.  It requires a special treatment. But you should believe that it is worth it: leather upholstered furniture will never go out of fashion and is perceived as something expensive and presentable! We examine some tricks of caring for our “capricious furniture” in this article.

The main requirements are as follows:

1. Cracks may appear in genuine leather upholstered furniture if it placed close to a source of heat or ultraviolet rays. Therefore, place the furniture so that the distance to the heaters, batteries, fireplace, and windows is not less than a meter!

2. Avoid extreme temperature and humidity changes: if the humidity is low, the upholstery dries out and dye components disintegrate and eventually come off. The optimum temperature for such furniture is 24oC (75oF) and the humidity of the air must be 60%.

3. Don’t cover leather upholstery furniture with some colored cloth for a long time, don’t put pillows or colored clothes on it! Furniture absorbs “alien” color (because of the fading dye) and then loses its original look.

4. Wipe leather upholstered furniture dry once a week: use a clean cotton cloth or a soft vacuum cleaner brush.

5. Wipe the leather with a well-wrung wet microfiber cloth twice a week: this will prevent drying and cracking of the furniture upholstery. After the “wet” cleaning process the upholstery must be wiped dry.

6. Threat the furniture with special cleaning agents (use the brands “Fenice”, “Salamander”, “Softcare”, “Lederzentrum”, “Rustins”, “Boston”, “Avel”, etc.) to protect the upholstery every six months. Choose only high-quality products that correspond to the color of your furniture.

It is necessary to remove dust from the leather upholstered furniture and check the cleaning agent on a small area of the surface (use cotton cloth or microfiber cloth) prior to processing. If the experiment is successful, apply the cleaning agent to the entire surface of the furniture, then remove the excess amount with a damp cloth and finally wipe the furniture with a dry cloth.

7. What to do if the upholstery is dirty? The best way is to remove stains with a high-quality special cleaner for leather upholstered furniture (without acetone, abrasive particles, solvent). Choose the cleaner for a particular type of dirt! It is forbidden to use household unspecialized “chemicals” (washing powder, sprays, etc.)!

8. If there is no time to search for special cleaners, try to clean dirty spots with the help of a well-wrung wet sponge: wipe the leather very carefully, without abrupt movements. You can also use a weak soap solution that you have to apply for a couple of minutes. After that, wipe the upholstery with a damp cloth, and then wipe it with a dry one.

9. If liquid has been spilled on the furniture, it is necessary to wipe it dry with a cloth immediately, dipping it into the stain. Please note that you can’t rub it or there will be stroke marks that are very difficult to withdraw from.

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