Tips for fabric upholstered furniture care


The basic principles of fabric upholstered furniture care are very simple: use it only for its intended purpose, prevent the appearance of dirt on it, and use dry cleaning every week. Have you broken one of the rules? Don’t worry! We give recommendations how to get rid of stains on the furniture correctly!

1. You can’t rub the upholstery because upholstery fibers will absorb the dirt still more.

2. Use a sponge or a cloth that absorbs liquids perfectly.

3. Make preference of only one stain remover and don’t mix them!

4. You can’t use unspecialized liquids (like soda, vinegar) or chemicals, which contains abrasive components (substances that can scratch the surface).

5. Remove dirt with circular motions from the center to the edges of the stain.

6. Wait until the treated area dries naturally.

Caring for furniture with different upholstery


Any detergent can be used for cleaning this kind of upholstery, but we must exclude the ones that contain alcohol or substances obtained by refining (paraffin, kerosene, gasoline, etc.). Also, it is necessary to vacuum the flock upholstery with a soft brush attachment every week to maintain an attractive look.

Plush and velvet

Forget about the vacuum cleaner, washing, brushes with stiff bristles and detergents with aggressive chemicals! If you ignore these rules, the upholstery will inevitably be damaged. To clean plush/velvet from dirt, first of all, you should get special means for such upholstery.


To clean chenille, use ordinary soapy water and a well-absorbing cloth / sponge. If you find grease stains on the furniture, then you can remove them with the usual ammonia aqueous solution (6%).


Cleaning of velour upholstered furniture can be done with warm water with chemicals (the main thing is that the composition mustn’t contain abrasive substances that can scratch the surface). You can wash velour covers (without bleach!) at the temperature of 30oC (86oF) and spin-dry gently at low speed, but don’t iron.


The best choice for caring for such upholstery is to vacuum it with a soft brush attachment. It is not recommended to wash it, because this material shrinks a lot. If you spill some liquid on a sofa with tapestry upholstery, you should immediately dab it with a well-absorbing cloth.

Burlap fabric

Don’t use alcohol or any solvents for cleaning such upholstery. Usually, burlap is vacuumed with a soft brush attachment, and heavy dirt is removed with soapy water.

Boucle Care

A washing at the water temperature of 40oC (104oF) is possible, but you can’t spin-dry and iron the boucle. You just need to put the fabric on a flat surface and stretch it to the maximum. You’d better vacuum the fabric with a soft brush attachment of clean it just with a dry brush every week.

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