The design that won’t suit you: apartment decoration style


What is the way to make the interior not a random set of things, but a whole and harmonious world? Read our tips.

1. “Play” with the shape of objects

Choose several styles, but use objects of the same form, this will give unity. For example, it can be: thin legs, soft textile seats.

2. Combine colors

We have a separate article concerning colors. But it sounds in general: the easiest way is to make 60% of the space white. Any colors will fit this space as accents!

Blue color will look great with red, orange, white, and green.

The combination of light blue and cream colors in dimly lit interiors will look very gentle and cozy.

Yellow color will add brightness to accents. It can be combined with only neutral colors: gray, beige, white.

It is difficult to find an approach to pink shades, but there is a way out: in case of a bright shade, add the beige or white color, and in case of a muted pink, use the dark blue.

3. Use materials

Each style is different in texture and materials and in order to use them correctly in different styles, it is enough to keep to the following rules:

– Don’t combine several finishing materials with the same surface: natural wood and laminate, ceramic tile, imitating wood, and the same laminate. It may seem strange, but smooth surfaces are perfectly combined with relief ones, while solid wood with soft upholstery.

– If the room is divided into zones, then use materials of different textures for the interior finish of each zone.

4. Look for details

Feel free to change the interior with just one detail! There is an interesting rule to make classic and modern things interchangeable. For example, add an oriental carpet to the modern interior, or a futuristic sofa to the classic living room.

5. Reproduce ornaments

Play around with decoration and furniture of the same design or colors!

6. Opposites attract

Go from one extreme to the other, use opposite styles. For example, take furniture and a carpet of one style, and take a chandelier or a coffee table of another.

7. The proportion of “80:20”

The numbers from the rule say: 80% of the furniture and accessories should be in one style, and 20% of the furniture should be in another. Then the interior will look harmonious!

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