Warranty and return

We thank you for the purchase and sincerely hope that our product will keep you happy for years to come. Nevertheless, in order to avoid misunderstanding and possible issues that may arise, you are strongly advised to study the following information and follow the recommendations.

General rules for the use and care of soft furniture

  • It is recommended to place the furniture inside a room with ambient air temperature above +10°С and relative air humidity 50-70%. The furniture must be protected from direct sun rays. Do not place the furniture close to heating devices, damp and cold walls in order to prevent damage to the appearance and properties of furniture (dirt spots, burnt leather, wear and aging of elastic flooring materials, etc.).
  • Avoid direct contact with water.
  • Moving of furniture should be done by slightly lifting it above the floor level. It is forbidden to push furniture over the floor, otherwise elements of the furniture frame, including legs, can be broken. Do not try to push or lift your furniture by holding the cushions, because you can damage it. Do not use sharp objects to remove the cover. You can cause damage.
  • Shipment of furniture can cause some folding on its surface, but it will gradually disappear with time. To speed up this process, we advise to tap gently on the cushions and the back.
  • In some cases you can notice a slight difference in softness of the nearby cushions. This difference will disappear with time. Wooden legs may slightly differ in colour and wood texture. Genuine leather has a distinctive smell. Folds and dents on leather are due to its natural elasticity, which, just like with leather clothes, follows the body shape and this provides optimal comfort for use.
  • Upholstered furniture is designed for leisure — sitting or lying. It is not recommended to stand with your feet on it, sit on the backs and arms of the furniture, use bed for jumping and other active physical exercises, because all of it can cause severe damage to the furniture frame.

Permissible limit load for deformation mechanism:

  • Armchair - maximum 100 kg.
  • Two-seater sofa - maximum 200 kg.
  • Three-seater sofa - maximum 250 kg.
  • Maximum mattress weight for beds with sleeping mechanism - maximum 55 kg.
  • Permissible point load for one batten of flexible frame - maximum 60 kg.
  • Excess above the permissible load will lead to damage of the transformation mechanism. Point load of the abovementioned values is not allowed on the seats or sleeping area.
  • Products with transforming (rolling) mechanisms are designed for use on solid floor surface–laminated flooring, parquet flooring, parquet planks, solid wood, etc.
  • The Seller cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by the use of furniture with rolling mechanism to soft surfaces (carpets and similar materials).

Manufacturer’s guarantee for upholstered furniture:

  • The manufacturing company guarantees that all of the quality parameters will remain unchanged, if the buyer follows the rules of the use and care specified for the furniture. The manufacturer reserves the right to change the design of the furniture.
  • The manufacturing company cannot be held responsible for any mechanical damage that is caused in the process of shipment or storage.
  • Complaints regarding the quality of furniture should be mailed info@arbuzov-studio.ru. Complaints will be accepted during the warranty period — 18 months from the moment of purchase.
  • Furniture service life is 5 years.
  • Complaints regarding the defects that arise due to improper use and care after the furniture are not accepted.

Warranty service is not provided when:

  • warranty period is expired;
  • rules of use, shipment, storage, assembly and installation of furniture were violated;
  • evident mechanical damage on the goods;
  • excessive loads on the goods (description of permissible loads is provided in the rules for efficient use of furniture);
  • damage or loss of goods due to some force majeure: (natural disasters, fire, flooding, accidents, etc.);
  • damage of goods by intended or unintended actions of the consumer;
  • damage to goods due to foreign objects, liquids, animals, insects, etc.;
  • evident marks of amateur modification, repair or assembly of goods;
  • damage of goods due to modification of its original design;
  • use of goods in industrial environment;

Warranty service does not cover

  • Natural tear and wear of materials due to use of goods, including scuffs or peeling off of the surface layer of the eco-leather, scrubbing through the upholstery and/or sofa covers;
  • Damage on the goods fabric: scratches, cuts, stitches, spots and dirt, marks left after cleaning. Natural settling of soft layers inside the goods that comes with regular use;
  • Decoration elements of goods (flatbacks, pearls, buttons, etc.);
  • Beds, sofas which are not used for personal needs, without the permission for commercial use;
  • Base, frames with plates, frames with lifting mechanism, lifting mechanism;
  • Industrial smell of newly manufactured goods.

Are not considered as furniture defects:

  • Insignificant difference in colour tints and shades of fabric and leather;
  • Insignificant difference in colour tints and shades and texture of lacquer coating (decoration);
  • Small folds on the surface material of soft elements that appear when some loads are relieved and disappear after a slight brushing by hand.
  • Dimensioning of soft furniture and fabric colour tints can differ insignificantly from the sample material, in compliance with the Russian quality standards GOST 19917-93, GOST 9733.0, GOST 9733.27 (for upholstery furniture limited in dimensions by the soft materials, tolerance +/- 20 mm; tolerance for fabric colour tints is within 3 points on grey scale from the sample value).

Return policy

  • In order to return/cancel an order the Buyer should contact manager of the online shop via phone +7 (920) 2315288 or email info@arbuzov-studio.ru
  • Goods listed in the Decree №55 issued by the Russian Federation Government on 19.01.1998 «List of non-food goods of proper quality which are not subject to return or replacement with similar goods with different dimensions, shapes, sizes, design, colour or accessories», can be returned and replaced to the Buyer according to the article 7.2.1. only on condition that these goods have never been in use, assembled and the factory packaging remains untouched.
  • The Buyer has no right to refuse from Goods of proper quality with very specific individual characteristics, when the Goods can be used only by the Buyer and no one else (including non-standard (at the request of the Buyer) dimensions, fabric, decorations, etc.). The confirmation, one of several but not the only one, that the Goods has individual specific characteristics is the fact that the dimensions of the Goods do not match the dimensions given on the website. Beds, sofas are manufactured according to individual orders of the Buyers (furniture, decoration (if any)) and are categorized as Goods with individual specific characteristics.